UHF data carrier (860…960 MHz)

UHF data carrier (860…960 MHz)

UHF data carrier

Broad spectrum for different requirements in RFID applications

UHF technology for production control and intralogistics

The material flow control and parts tracking UHF-RFID are among the main applications of UHR-RFID. UHF technology quickly and reliably identifies input materials, products and multi-trip transport containers, containers or skids for supply chain management. The frequency range from 860 to 960 MHz opens ranges of up to 6 m and more.

Large range of UHF data carriers for diverse requirements

Balluff offers a wide spectrum of UHF carriers (so-called "Tags") with different variants in a variety of designs. This reliably resolves a wide variety of tasks and makes users very flexible. All tags offer at least 100,000 write cycles and a nearly unlimited number of read cycles.


  • Ultra-flat Smart Labels for non-metallic objects
  • Smart Labels for special requirements
  • Encapsulated Hard Tags – to be applied directly to metal
  • Tags for non-metallic objects and particular requirements

Smart Labels for non-metallic objects

The self-adhesive, inexpensive data carriers come in various dimensions and different memory sizes. With versions that can be used and stored in an ambient temperature of –40 to +85 °C. Or a data carrier type with a special omnidirectional antenna design that allows it to be detected in any orientation. This gives users unusual flexibility. The ranges of the Smart Labels are typically between 2 and 6 meters, depending on the variant. The PET and paper reel-form product can be dispensed automatically and can be printed on.

Smart Labels for specific requirements

Self-adhesive, silicone-free Smart Labels are available for applications in the supply chain, (container) logistics, in the paint shop or for the traceability of products. With different dimensions and various storage sizes:

  • On metal labels for metal containers or vehicle components
  • For paint-shop-optimized high-temperature on-metal labels
  • Logistics labels in IP67 with wash-resistant protective laminate

Another Smart Label version is optimized for glass surfaces (e.g. automobile windshields). As a so-called "tamper-proof" label, it is destroyed upon detachment. This makes it excellent for parking management or toll identification.

Encapslated hard tags

The rugged on-metal tags are suitable for the supply chain, (intra)logistics, tool management or for production control. These are typically used on metal containers, metal frames, charge carriers and steel carriers, as well as tools and trays. The encapsulated hard-tags are made individually. They feature various dimensions, designs and fastening options. This versatility allows you to select according to your individual requirements.


  • Ceramic on-metal tags – ideal on metallic surfaces with limited installation space; with clear zone, flush installation in metal also possible
  • Hard tags in IP68 – can be bolted onto metal and/or fastened using cable ties; for read ranges up to 6 m
  • Self-adhesive on-metal tags

Specific versions are available for non-metallic objects. In cardboard form or as bendable wash-resistant silicone tags, they handle authentication and access control in sensitive areas of (intra-) logistics, in Kanban systems or for maintenance works.

UHF data carrier
UHF data carrier
UHF data carrier