Weld-resistant I/O modules with eight IO-Link ports plus cascadable IO-Link I/O hubs

Weld-resistant I/O modules with eight IO-Link ports plus cascadable IO-Link I/O hubs

Weld-immune I/O modules

Reliable signal transmission in electrical interference fields

For weld currents and electromagnetic noise fields

Balluff offers a new family of network modules developed for the extreme conditions in a welding environment. These weld-immune modules made of fiberglass reinforced plastic reliably resist weld splatter, welding currents and electromagnetic noise fields and ensure reliable signal transmission in spite of ambient electrical disturbances. A further benefit: They are easy to install.

Decentralized system architecture via IO-Link

The IO-Link master and IO-Link sensor/actuator hubs, each with eight IO-Link ports for 16 inputs and outputs. This guarantees innovative fieldbus solutions.

The efficient point-to-point wiring of IO-Link allows construction of a decentralized system architecture in the welding booth outside the control cabinet. Network nodes equipped with an IO-Link master communicate via Ethernet/IP directly with the main controller or control device on the machine.

A wide variety of intelligent sensors or I/O modules with IO-Link interface can be connected to the IO-Link ports. Therefore, operators use simple structures and benefit from a large degree of flexibility.

Parameters can easily be transferred. Reliable monitoring is ensured via continuous diagnostics. The affordable, three-core, unshielded industrial cables are quick to wire.

Benefits of I/O modules

  • Eight IO-Link ports to connect all IO-Link devices
  • up to 16 inputs/outputs, each with an LED for fault diagnosis:
    Each input is short-circuit proof,
    Each output is protected from overload
  • Clearly visible status LED to monitor ports and network communication
  • Integrated web server to show module information (IP address, settings, parameters, etc.)
  • Integrated two-port switch for daisy-chained networks
  • Clear display for extra information (version, IP address, module name, etc.)

Benefits of sensor/actuator hubs with IO-Link

  • Clearly visible LEDs for indicating functions
  • Up to 16 inputs or configurable inputs/outputs available
  • Expansion port to connect an IO-Link valve terminal or an IO-Link sensor/actuator hub (and I/O increase of up to 30)
Weld-immune I/O modules