Human Machine Interface

User-friendly display of information

With our signaling and display devices, you know at all times what where things stand with production and where exactly a tool is located. You can reliably monitor the state of machines and systems and display the sensor output signals.

Our displays and our LED signal SmartLight display physical sizes. In this way, you recognize the operating state of your machine at a glance.

In the displays, you can select between different input signals (analog, SSI, pulse). The visualization is done via LED-7 segment displays that can be set depending on the application.

The SmartLight represents courses and tendencies. Through your IO-Link interface, it is easy to install and configure. Without mechanical modification, their different colors and modes are individually assigned.

Key benefits

  • Flexible
  • Easy to install

Product families

Digital display devices for displaying different input signals
SmartLight – LED signal columns with IO-Link interface