IP69K Protective Housing for Safety Light Curtains

IP69K protective housing for safety light curtains

Safety for demanding environments

All Balluff safety light curtains can now be used in highly demanding applications. Our BAM PC-LG-037/038-… protective housings deliver IP69K protection and are available for all lengths of our light curtains.

This added protection allows the light curtains to operate without issue even in conditions with high relative humidity and applications with additional cleaning demands such as in the packaging, foods and beverages industry.

Gore-Tex membranes, which are integrated into the housing, prevent ingress of water and dirt while also protecting against condensation inside the housing.

The stainless steel holders included with the protective housing allow you to install the system quickly and easily. The holder design also permits easy axial fine adjustment while installed.


  • Suitable for IP67, IP68 and IP69K applications
  • Clear view of light curtain display with transparent PMMA acrylic tubes
  • Available for all Balluff light curtains
  • Ensures high performance
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