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BIS L Industrial RFID system

The answer for easy identification tasks

Our low-frequency RFID systems (RFID BIS L) are suitable for applications that involve just the identification and less in terms of data processing.

For example, often only a (read-only) code is required for backtracing. The 125-kHz systems function reliably up to ranges of 100 mm and behave in a relatively neutral manner with respect to materials such as water, textiles, wood and aluminum.

Key benefits

  • Memory of the data carrier limited to 192 bytes
  • For the transmission of small volumes of data
  • Well-structured product range of data carriers
  • For use in less harsh environmental conditions
  • Unique ID with 5 bytes, read-only
  • Read-only data carriers available (protection against manipulation)

System components

LF data carriers (125 kHz)

LF read/write heads and antennas (125 kHz)

LF read/write heads (125 kHz) with integrated processor unit

LF handheld devices (125 kHz)

LF processor units (125 kHz)

LF data couplers (125 kHz)