Ateliers sur Balluff
Ateliers sur Balluff

Make use of well-founded manufacturer knowledge. And benefit from application security.

You will get practical knowledge from the manufacturer in our workshops, in order to be able to work out the specifications of your applications optimally. You will concretely learn how to apply sensors and systems in the best possible manner in small groups – be it the basics of sensor technology and the selection of the correct active principle, fields of application and maintenance of the vision sensor, or options offering an IO link. Simply bring your task along. We'll resolve it together. In the workshop or even on site, with you.

Besides practical know-how, you will also acquire well-founded basic theoretical knowledge in our training: from constructive planning to simple configuration right up to tried and tested tips and tricks. You thus obtain the best conditions for high application security and increased productivity. Therefore, use knowledge from the manufacturer for greater efficiency.

The advantages

  • high proportion of practical content: direct application and deeper understanding of the material learned
  • high efficiency: learning in small groups by limiting the number of participants
  • closer reference to users: assessing and resolving concrete tasks

Our workshops at a glance:

Topic Detail Duration Dates
Sensor Technology Basics + In-Line Maintenance

Selection of the operating principle, the right choice of suitable sensors and guarantee of application reliability. Optimum operation and installation of sensors, and greater application reliability. 1 day

12th Feb, 14th Feb, 2nd April, 14th May, 9th July, 17th Sept, 22nd Oct

BVS vision sensors

Solving control tasks using vision solutions

1 day

4th April, 16th May, 11th July, 19th September, 24th October

Intelligent network connections using IO-Link interface 1 day

5th March, 3rd April, 15th May, 10th July, 18th September, 23rd October

To book or request any further information about any of the training courses please contact or alternatively call the office on +44 1606 812 777.