Capacitive global sensors from Balluff

Worldwide standard in object detection

For the diverse area of position sensing, Balluff offers a wide range of powerful and industry-proven sensors. Our complete series of global sensors is designed for versatile use in standard applications.

The sensors meet global standards and can be used universally. The Global sensors include inductive, photoelectric, capacitive and magnetic sensors for cylinders as well as matching accessories.

The production line corresponds to common designs and, with a wide variety of technologies, provides unlimited flexibility, making it possible to use the sensors in a large number of application areas.

Our Global sensors are subject to thorough examination and have, among others, CE and cULus certifications. The sensor spectrum provides quality at the best price and can even be delivered in high quantities in an extremely short time.

The proven complete series of Global sensors

Photoelectric Global Sensors for Standard Applications

Inductive Global sensors for object detection of metal targets

Capacitive Global sensors for object and fill level detection

Magnetic Global cylinder sensors for pneumatic cylinders