Detecting carbon fibre reinforced plastic

Detect carbon fiber reinforced blanks in grippers

The solution

When the trimmed carbon fibers are inserted during the preform process, our ultrasonic sensors check whether the gripper is correctly holding the mat. By doing so they ensure that the carbon fiber blanks are correctly formed. Dust and dirt which could affect photoelectric sensors have no impact on ultrasonic sensors. And in contrast to capacitive sensors, these rugged jacks-of-all- trades simply ignore any electrostatic discharge that might arise.

The features

  • Generous detection range (25 mm up to 6 m), even for greater object distances
  • Extreme precision with high resolution and no blind zones
  • Insensitive to environmental effects such as dirt or dust
  • Rugged, precise measuring principle, unaffected by color or surface composition
Detect carbon fiber reinforced blanks in grippers
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