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Product finder
Product finder

The diversity of our product portfolio offers you a versatile range of applications. To provide information faster and more simply we have improved our product finder and search function. Want to see for yourself? We have summarized the most important new features for you.

Product finder

Details of the new functions

  • Find

    The new search function is significantly more convenient. You can get to your destination faster and easier. The content of your search results is structured so you can either check technical details directly or choose explanatory information.
    The following categories are available:

    • Products
    • Product groups
    • Web pages
    • Downloads

    Also new is the expanded functionality that allows you to connect multiple search terms and better tailor the results to your requirements in advance: e.g. pressure sensor 100 bar IO-Link.


  • Design

    To give you a quick overview, we illustrate our product families and list their key features. Now you can see at a glance what distinguishes the families and how many product variants you can find in them.


  • Breadcrumb navigation

    Breadcrumb navigation in the product finder lets you quickly switch back and forth between the various product areas and product groups. You can reset the product finder at any time by clicking on the "Start" button.

    Your selection filters are displayed directly below the breadcrumb navigation. Of course you can reset individual filters or clear them all.

    Breadcrumb navigation

  • Changing the configuration

    To make searching for similar products easier, there is a "Change configuration" button on the product detail pages. This function sets filters to the most important technical features of a product which can be modified to find a comparable product.
    For example, you can easily switch from a sensor with switching output to a suitable one with IO-Link interface.

    Changing the configuration

  • Product sets

    Product sets are now available for greater ordering convenience. These contain, for example, a sensor with appropriate accessories – such as single-ended cordsets and fasteners – to facilitate fast startup.
    You can find our product sets on the detail pages for the main products and use "Search" to enter the ordering code.

    Product sets

  • Configuring magnetostrictive sensors

    With the new product configurator for magnetostrictive sensors, you can now assemble your desired product easier and make better use of our wide performance range. Once you have configured the sensor to your individual requirements, you can request it directly from us. You can find the configurator on the respective product detail pages.

    Configuring magnetostrictive sensors



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