Direct rotational feedback for robot axes

Encoder feedback directly at the rotating axis unlocks higher positioning precision

The solution

Absolute position feedback can be critical in robotic applications, where the robot arm position must be determined at all times, even after a loss of power. In torque motor implementations, the accuracy of the rotational encoder is often the key to the accuracy of the entire system.

In many servo-robotic applications, rotary position feedback from an encoder at the motor provides sufficient positioning accuracy at the robot arm, but when applications demand higher precision, primary or secondary feedback in the form of an axis-mounted magnetic rotary encoder from Balluff could be the answer. Balluff can supply a variety of magnetic encoder rings and disks of various shapes and sizes, in incremental and absolute variations.

The features

  • Variety of standard designs for direct integration
  • Customized solutions for application-specific requirements
  • Low hysteresis reduces servo hunting, servo noise, and temperature rise…contributing to higher energy efficiency
  • Absolute position signal: no home run required
Position feedback of dynamic rotation and swivel movements for industrial robots
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