High-precision position feedback for rotary valve actuators

Absolute rotary encoder enables precise electric valve control

The solution

Balluff's Nonius 2-track absolute encoder disc technology, when combined with a high-quality sensing chip, delivers unparalleled accuracy for rotary valve position feedback. The system allows indexing of the rotating mechanism to a precise angular location, within < ±0.2° absolute error per rotation.

Unlike resistive potentiometer solutions, magnetic encoders are non-contact and wear-free for long service life. Other advantages of magnetic encoders for valve position feedback include immunity from contamination by dirt, dusts, and liquids, and higher tolerance of shock and vibration.

The features

  • Compact 30 mm outer diameter
  • Off-axis sensor location minimizes effects of shaft runout and enables media to flow through the center in some applications
  • 32/31 2-track Nonius system
  • Pole pitch: 1.28 mm (master track), 0.96 (Nonius / vernier track)
  • Compatible with popular reader chips such as iC-MU (iC-Haus)
  • Aluminum carrier with rubber ferrite magnetic material
  • Temperature range - 40° C to +85° C
Absolute rotary encoder enables precise electric valve control
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