Bubble and flow detection

Non-invasive detection of fluids and air pockets in tubes

The solution

Bubble or air-in-line detection is a challenge for lab automation that is easily solved with Balluff's cutting edge technology in micro-optic photoelectric MICROmote sensors. In this type of application it is critical to know whether or not liquid is flowing to ensure safe and proper function in liquid handling processes. Factors that need to be taken into account include tube diameters, tube transparency, types of liquids, and liquid transparency. Balluff's bubble detection sensors were developed with high precision optical components that create a uniform pin-point light distribution through the tube.

The features

  • Utilizes either light refraction or absorption to provide precise water to air transitions
  • Multiple tube diameter sensors, as small as 1.6 mm
  • High repeatability and accuracy
Life science, liquid handling, monitoring positions of pipetting devices
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