Level detection in microplates

Precise level detection regardless of liquid type

The solution

Detecting liquid levels in small containers, especially wells in a microwell plate, can be a daunting task since they must be sensed from above. Clear liquids cannot be sensed with photoelectrics because the light beam will pass through the surface to the bottom of the well. Balluff's miniature block style ultrasonic sensors with a focusing attachment can sense levels through openings as small as 5mm making this sensor the ideal solution. These sensors are extremely versatile, operate independently of color and surface finish, and are not affected by transparent surfaces.

The features

  • Ultrasonic sensors can be used with most liquids
  • Tightly bundled sound field is focused on the area to be measured
  • Blind zone lies within the focusing attachment making the measurement directly in front of the outlet


Life science, liquid handling, contact-free detection of fill levels in microtiter plates
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