Accurate noninvasive point level detection

Reliable level detection through a container wall or sight glass

The solution

Lab Automation equipment uses different reagents for sample processing and instrument cleaning throughout the various processes. The bottles are interchangeable with unpredictable changing liquid compositions. Cross contamination between reagents must be minimized, which prevents the use of a measurement solution that is in direct contact with the reagents. Balluff's industry leading portfolio of capacitive sensors consistently and reliably detects liquid levels either through the container wall or through a sight glass. In addition, with Balluff's patented hybrid capacitive technology foaming and filming of conductive liquids are ignored.

The features

  • Industry leading product portfolio and capability
  • Patented hybrid technology ignores foaming, filming and material buildup
  • Indirect or noninvasive sensing provides versatility in mounting
Life science, liquid handling, precisely measuring levels in containers and bypass tubes
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