Presence and position detection of wafers on blade

Photoelectric sensors for load lock

The solution

Our BOH optoelectronic sensors reliably detect the presence and position of the wafers "on blade". Without a dead zone. Their ultra-flat installation height permits space-saving integration into your system. Balluff MICROmote sensors make it possible to reliably check for the presence of wafers in tight space limited areas of the vacuum chamber. The patented micro-optics sensors produce a small focused light spot with no dead zone in an ultra-flat design as thin as 1.7mm. The sensing heads are housed in robust metal housings with sealing according to application design specifications.

The features

  • Space-saving ultra-flat design (1.7 mm)
  • No dead zone
  • PTFE cable optimized for outgassing
  • For vacuum applications down to 1x10-9 mbar
Presence and position detection of wafers "on blade"
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