Industry 4.0
Industry 4.0

Focused expertise for industrial automation

We ensure the availability of this data. Balluff sensors and identification systems collect, and Balluff networking solutions reliably transport the data to the supervisory systems for interpretation. Industry 4.0 relies on the availability of relevant data in real time and the ability to derive the value-added stream of information from the available data at any time.

Industry 4.0 implies intelligent production systems. We are here to provide you with necessary technologies and are focused on expertise for realization of the intelligent production system. As a reliable partner for industrial automation, we work along side you to increase the efficiency and profitability of your processes, making you more competitive.

Industry 4.0 implementation processes

  • Real Data for the Digital Factory

    Intelligent I4.0 sensors provide flexibility and transparency in production

    The Digital Factory requires intelligent sensors to enrich equipment models with real data and to gain clarity over equipment and production status. As the eyes and ears of automation intelligent sensors, like the new photoelectronic multi-function BOS 21M ADCAP, collect and process information right where it originates. And via IO-Link they provide far more data than just the switching signal.

    This includes data for service life, load level and damage detection, environmental information such as temperature, and contamination or quality of the alignment with the target object. This information forms the basis for condition monitoring and predictive maintenance.

    The preparation and pre-processing of the acquired detection signals in the sensor make complex programming in the system controller unnecessary and reduce data load on the fieldbus systems.

    Since IO-Link lets you change the sensing principle of the BOS 21M ADCAP on the fly, entirely different objects can be detected under changing operating conditions. This ensures ease of operation with no expertise needed and fast format changes. This allows systems and machines to be used far more flexibly than before.

    The BOS 21M ADCAP with its trailblazing functions and properties gives you completely new approaches for the Digital Factory and the Industry 4.0 world.

    BOS21M photoelectronic multi-function sensor

  • Parameterization

    Quick setup and replacement of pressure sensors

    Pressure sensors for monitoring clamping pressure are used to guarantee that the workpiece and tool are held securely. However, they are also ideal for monitoring process media such as coolant, lubricant, hydraulic oils and pneumatics.

    Pressure sensors are typically complex devices that require setting parameters with complex software or manually through toggle switches. Balluff's Pressure sensors with IO-Link can be remotely setup through the supervisory controls. Furthermore, the parameters can be stored on the Balluff IO-Link master or within the supervisory control itself. So that replacing the sensor would be a breeze - avoiding costly down times with traditional non-IO-Link sensors.

    With remote parameterization and automatic parametrization, the pressure sensor now can be mounted in an exact location where measurement is required instead of designing the machine for sensor accessibility.

    The benefits

    • High-precision measurement results and optimum machine design
    • Reduced downtime - low installation effort and simple sensor replacement with automatic parameterization
    IO-Link pressure sensors for monitoring clamping pressure

    IO-Link pressure sensors for monitoring clamping pressure

  • Traceability with poka-yoke

    Targeted error management through traceability measures and increases quality/productivity

    Poka-yoke solutions with Balluff RFID guarantee a transparent process of all the data that can be tracked and traced. This enables targeted error management for quality assurance and process improvements.

    Balluff RFID systems record details of each and every process step. This information time stamps parts and relevant process details. All of the information is available in real-time and patterns can be developed to identify weak points along the process chains with early and appropriate measures. Production becomes more reliable and correction runs become faster with adjustments meeting the changing requirements that are possible at any time.

    The benefits

    • Real-time information tracking to enhance processes
    • Failures or quality issues can be detected before they appear
    Traceability with poka-yoke

    RFID systems record every process step in full.

  • Format changes with the help of transducers

    Error proofing format changes on the line through dynamic feedback

    When the production line is re-tooled for the next batch of production runs, either manually or automatically, there are no guarantees that all the changes have been successfully made. Balluff's linear position measurement solutions that employ magnetostrictive technology can provide the needed feedback to the controls system to guarantee the line changes.

    With micron accuracy, the feedback from position measurement devices to the control system becomes less of hassle to ensure that the line is ready.

    The benefits

    • Reduced downtime for changeovers
    • Continuous feedback to ensure nothing changes on the line and to enable smooth production runs
    • Magnetostrictive technology to ensure shock and vibration proof solution
    Format changes with the help of transducers

    Format changes with the help of transducers

  • Recipe changes with RFID

    Flexible production through simplified controls architecture

    In today's production environment, every alteration/customization to the product is programmed through the supervisory controls. Several guards are used to ensure the exact customization needs that need to be implemented to ensure the product is treated to the specification. The product variants are limited to the programmed variations. Balluff's RFID solutions simplify the controls architecture and allow for tremendous flexibility within the production line.

    Balluff RFID tags can be placed directly on the product or the carrier (pallet). Each tag can be written all the process specifics and all the operation that needs to be performed on that particular instance of the product. For example color of the covers that will be added to the part or toques on the screws that will be mounted on the product can all be written to the carrier tag. As the pallet carrying the product appears at the station, the station can adjust itself to accommodate all the operations specific to the product by reading the tag. All the operation data can be written back to ensure traceability.

    Using Balluff RFID solutions for quick changeovers can ensure flexible production within the existing line without stressing the controls architecture.

    The benefits

    • Flexible, non-contact data communication for ease of installation
    • Automated production and quality assurance
    Recipe changes with RFID

    Recipe changes with RFID

  • Condition monitoring with powerful power supply units

    Power supply units with a Heartbeat® ensure a high level of availability

    A reliable and clean power supply is essential for demanding industrial automation systems. To ensure that the systems run efficiently and without interference and machines, Balluff offers high-performance power supply units.

    Balluff Power supply units have built-in Heartbeat functionality and display indicating current stress levels based on ambient temperatures the information also helps determine expected lifetime of the power supply. Balluff power supplies with HeartBeat also now have IO-Link connection. With the IO-Link on board, the current stress levels and experienced ambient temperature information can be transmitted directly to the control system in continuous fashion. The record can be logged and control system can take preventive actions to ensure long life for the power supply. Balluff power supplies promote predictive maintenance than only relying on preventive/scheduled maintenance.

    The benefits

    • Enable predictive maintenance to ensure smooth operations
    • Long life for automation components as the power drawn can be monitored in the control system
    Condition monitoring with powerful power supply units

    Condition monitoring with powerful power supply units to ensure efficient and interference-free operation

  • Predictive maintenance with Mold-ID

    High transparency in tool handling for condition-based, predictive maintenance

    Mold-ID from Balluff guarantees optimum tool utilization through precise tracking such as injection molds in injection molding machines.

    Since every tool is identified, incorrect assignments and missing forms are a thing of the past. Counting production cycles enables predictive tool maintenance.

    Benefit from improved profitability tools that can be utilized to their full potential prior to any maintenance, reliable operation and high productivity for the systems.

    Existing systems can be retrofitted to incorporate Mold ID implementation regardless of manufacturer or age of the machine.

    The benefits

    • Reduced downtime
    • Reliable operations
    • Optimized tool life-time and predictive maintenance
    Predictive maintenance with Mold-ID

    Precise tracing for injection molds with the help of Mold-ID

  • Quality assurance with RFID

    The right data in the right place at the right time: That's how to ensure quality

    RFID from Balluff supports in designing manufacturing processes in the context of quality assurance with particular attention to efficiency.

    RFID systems can record all data that arises along the production value chain. This data can be accessed by operators, line supervisors or plant management for their jobs related to activities such as examining a work piece from a specific production line or shift, identifying problematic trends, plan production quality and much more.

    The benefits

    • Enhance plant efficiency
    • Transparency in operations and quality management
    Quality assurance with RFID

    RFID systems support production processes in the context of quality assurance