Solutions for fill level detection
Solutions for fill level detection

Point level and level measurement solutions

Balluff's high quality, reliable sensors in a variety of sensing technologies can solve a wide range of level detection applications. With an extensive selection of products, either point level or continuous level measurement s can be accurately solved.

Balluff's sensors have proven their ability in either liquid or solid level detection in a wide assortment of industries including pharmaceuticials, food and beverage, semiconductor, plastics and packaging. Balluff's attention to quality, superior sensor design, and performance means better reliablity, less down time, and higher productivity.

Balluff solutions for individual requirements

  • Level detection with ultrasonic sensors

    Point level and level measurement with ultrasonic sensors

    Balluff's ultrasonic sensors are ideal for detecting or measuring fill levels of granules, fluids, and powders regardless of color, surface, or transparency. Also dust, dirt, and steam do not pose an issue. These sensors can be used in silos, bunkers and in containers.

    Ultrasonic sensors are available with several different output options including discrete, voltage or current analog, analog and discrete, and IO-Link making integration into control systems versatile and easy. In addition, the sensors have multiple operating modes including automatic synchronization and multiplex operation for simultaneous operation of up to ten sensors.

    The features

    • Ranges up to 6 meters
    • Some units have integral displays
    • Multiple output options
    • Various operating modes
    • Multiple housing options and styles
    Level detection with ultrasonic sensors products
    Level detection with ultrasonic sensors application

  • Fluid detection with photoelectric fork sensors

    Reliable fill level detection through sight glass walls

    Balluff's fork sensors for fluid detection are suitable for fill level detection of clear, colored, or cloudy liquids through transparent containers or sight glass walls. These sensors utilize and infrared light to reliably detect all liquids with a water content of over 15%.

    Balluff's fork sensors have a rigid one piece metal housing that is always in alignment. No amplifiers to contend with thus reducing installation time and making integration quick and easy.

    The features

    • Fork width: 30 mm and 80 mm
    • M8, 3-pin connector
    • Degree of protection IP67
    • NPN/PNP, Normally open or normally closed
    Fluid detection with fork sensor products
    Fluid detection with fork sensors application

  • Direct and indirect point level detection

    Level detection in the media or through the wall

    Balluff's industry leading portfolio of capacitive sensors can solve a multitude of level applications. These applications include granules, liquids, powders, acids, and bases. Capacitive sensors can be mounted in direct contact to the media or indirectly by sensing through the non-metallic container wall, or with the use of a switch well or by sensing through the walls of a sight glass.

    Two different sensing technologies are available. The first is standard capacitive sensing which is based on the media's dielectric strength. The second is Balluff's patented hybrid capacitive technology that detects water-based conductive liquids. This hybrid technology ignores foaming, filming moisture and material build-up.

    The features

    • Standard and patented hybrid capacitive technologies
    • Broad portfolio of products
    • Wide variety of housing materials including PFTE
    • Foaming, filming and material build-up can be ignored
    Fill level detection with magnetostrictive linear position sensors product
    Fill level detection with magnetostrictive linear position sensors application

  • Fill level detection with linear transducers

    Monitor fill levels continuously with precise accuracy

    Balluff's linear transducer fill level probe has proven itself time and again in applications in which the utmost hygiene is essential. It always measures with precision in the μm range and providing accurate filling results. These sensors meet the strict regulations of the food industry.

    The features

    • Internationally certified quality (Ecolab, 3-A Sanitary Standard, FDA)
    • Flexible installation using standardized interfaces
    • Neutral for all liquids, resilient to foam
    • CIP (Clean in Place): Easy to clean, even in an installed state
    • SIP (Sterilization in Place): Rated for process temperatures up to 130 °C
    • Rising and falling output signal available
    Fill level detection with BTL fill level sensors product
    Fill level detection with BTL fill level sensors application

    The BTL-SF fill level probe provides precise measurement results in applications that demand an exceptionally high level of hygiene.