Tool coding
Tool coding

Save all relevant tool data and access it at any time

Industrial RFID systems from Balluff provide actionable data that optimizes the tool management process.

All relevant tool data, such as numbers, dimensions or service life, are saved reliably and made readily available. Tool management supported by Industrial RFID thereby simplifies data management, improves the quality of the production process and increases efficiency. Robust and immune to most environmental influences, Balluff Industrial RFID systems are ultra reliable in the tough industrial conditions of advanced machining. Balluff offers a large variety of tags and readers to help organizations satisfy their unique requirements.

How you benefit

Tool management with Industrial RFID provides a staggering number of advantages over conventional tool handling where Industrial RFID is not being utilized.

The features

  • Greater machine uptime
  • Greater cost-effectiveness
  • Convenient and absolutely reliable storing of tool data
  • Simple integration into the tool
  • Ready to use immediately

1. Machine tool

Thanks to reliable assignment in the tool magazine, you benefit from greater machine availability. All tool data is acquired and automatically transferred to the machine memory. Data is never entered incorrectly.

2. Service life control

Exact inventory opposed to over stock of tools reduces stock level requirements and offers great savings potential. The accurate tracking of the tools in the working process ensures the most efficient use of tools. The benefit is maximum quality because tools will be reconditioned or exchanged just-in-time. All of this increases overall efficiency.

3. Tool measurement

Securing tool data is convenient and reliable. All the data is stored on a data carrier embedded directly into the tool holder. No more manual entry errors. The tool data is permanently and individually associated with the tool.

4. New tool

We offer attachment holders for all common tool holders.

5. Tool storage

The tools are always at the ready. The data on the tag is complete, error-free and can be accessed at any time.