BMP Magnetic Position Sensors

Intelligent linear feedback – measure positions continuously and without contact

Intelligent linear feedback – measure positions continuously and without contact

The new IO-Link and analog all-in-one BMP magnetic position sensors overcome the limitations of discrete pneumatic cylinder switches by providing continuous position information over the entire cylinder stroke. They provide continuous linear feedback — detecting and measuring the position of pneumatic or hydraulic cylinder rods and actuators through (non-ferrous) housing walls, over the entire measurement range and without contact. The BMP magnetic position sensors can be used in a wide range of industries and are ideal for Industry 4.0 as they improve ease of automatic size change and allow for condition monitoring and predictive maintenance.

The BMP magnetic position sensors calculate the actual target position of the magnet and output it as a position-dependent analog or IO-Link signal. They deliver signal stability and reliability, and the sensors’ compact size allows for integration in very limited installation spaces. Analog current, analog voltage, and IO-Link are provided in this single sensor.

The BMP magnetic position sensors allow efficient and flexible settings, monitoring, and advanced diagnostics. The IO-Link and analog all-in-one options give the full suite of IO-Link functionality including integrated switch points, internal sensor temperature, fast cycle time, measurement value, and scaling factor and status.

The BMP magnetic position sensors are highly adaptable. The compact form factor can be easily integrated and mounted onto a wide range of cylinders including C-Slot, T-Slot, round, or tie-rod, thanks to a universal housing with adapters. The BMP magnetic position sensors are available in 8 different measurement ranges from 32 to 256 mm, in 32 mm increments. You can customize the measuring range along the entire stroke using the teach function.


  • Modular concept for greater flexibility – measuring range up to 256 mm
  • Continuous monitoring of piston position in tight spaces with analog voltage and current output as well as IO-Link interface
  • Reliable, accurate, and repeatable absolute position feedback
  • High process security — low temperature drift and high quality electromagnetic compatibility
  • Ideal for Industry 4.0 – automatic size change, condition monitoring, and predictive maintenance

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