Linear position sensors with Ethernet/IP interface

Fast, Synchronous, and Precise Position Feedback

Uniform, simple wiring, continuous diagnostics and central parameter setting via the controller are among the benefits of this linear position sensor with Ethernet/IP interface. The magnetostrictive system with Flexible Magnet Mode (FMM) allows you to work with up to 16 position magnets.

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Two values can be output for each magnet: position and velocity. The sensor even automatically adapts itself to the number of magnets. This makes it easy to use in applications where a varying number of magnets is used.

The wide range of functions provides great flexibility in linear position measurement – for example in hydraulic cylinder control or level measurement.


  • Synchronous measurement value acquisition and data transmission with Ethernet/IP CIP sync
  • Fast, precise absolute position and velocity measurement with 1 μm resolution
  • Simple and time-saving startup thanks to defined parameter substitution and flexible application tailoring
  • Non-contact and wear-free, insensitive to contamination
  • Available in profile- and rod-style

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