IO-Link: a World of Possibilities

IO modules
IO modules

What you may already know about IO-Link

You might know that the IO-Link communication interface offers tangible benefits such as fast installation that saves costs, continuous monitoring of sensor health, and quick replacement of sensors since they can be configured from a central location via a webserver. In short, IO-Link provides greater flexibility and increases the efficiency of automation.

I/O Modules: Unlimited possibilities

Through Balluff's universal IO-Link interfaces, any device with up to 16 I/Os (inputs/outputs) is open for IO-Link. Use the IO-Link interface to connect pumps, signal lights, control panels, valve terminals, switching units, transfer units and more, all at the control level.

The module offers quick connection of IO-Link via standard unshielded sensor cables. Up to 16 I/Os can be integrated into the controller environment.

Welding: Are your processes hostile to hardware?

Our robust network modules can reliably cope with flying weld spatter and noisy electromagnetic fields. They are available as IO-Link masters and as IO-Link sensor/actuator hubs, each with 8 IO-Link ports for 16 inputs and outputs. Each input is short-circuit proof, and each output is protected against overloads. IO-Link allows the creation of a decentralized system architecture directly in the welding cell. Network nodes equipped with an IO-Link master communicate via the existing fieldbus architecture, such as EtherNet/IP, directly with the main controller or with the control device on the machine. A wide range of intelligent sensors, actuators and IO-Link I/O modules can be connected to the IO-Link ports and, thanks to their design, can be easily parameterized. Comprehensive intelligent diagnostic functions provide additional information via standard industrial cables without quick-connect shielding.

Die Cutting: Do you need to make quick tool changes?

Our inductive couplers assist in automatic tool changes by transmitting data and energy through an air gap, without mechanical contact. This minimizes setup times for changing tools and robotic grippers, and ensures high uptime. The signal is transmitted again directly after the tool change, so that production can resume without delay. The correct association is guaranteed by an ID stored in the sensor/actuator hub.

Condition Monitoring: Do you require adjustable output voltage and diagnostic capabilities?

Our IO-Link Heartbeat power supplies, known for providing reliable and efficient voltage, stand out for their quality and long life. They are manufactured from high quality components, and offer adjustable output voltage, with low ripple.

Particularly noteworthy is their intelligent diagnostic capability, which supports predictive maintenance and condition monitoring for Industry 4.0 requirements.

Integrated monitoring provides information on load level, voltage level and service life via IO-Link. This gives you reliable information on the current electrical and thermal load, the degree of wear, and the remaining service life of the power supply. You can also read this information locally on the status indicator. The 3-color LEDs function as a traffic light.

Specifically developed for controller units, Balluff power supplies can be seamlessly integrated into your control package. Its narrower IP20 housing allows for a resource-optimizing control cabinet design. IP67 variants are also available for powering modules in decentralised structures in direct proximity.