RFID > BIS M Industrial RFID System
High frequency Industrial RFID System

High Frequency RFID designed for the toughest applications

The BIS M RFID system (13.56 MHz) supports global ISO standards and is capable of reading tags up to 400mm away.

Ideal for work in process(WIP) applications, the BIS M system is built to withstand the rigors of the manufacturing world. With tags built to survive temperatures up to 220C and systems capable of processing massive amounts of data quickly, chances are good that the M system will exceed most requirements for data collection needs.

The most important benefits

  • 4-pin standard wiring and availability of IO-Link readers
  • In combination with passive data carriers of average ranges up to a max. of 400 mm
  • Seamless integration in applications through global RFID standards ISO 15693 and ISO 14443A
  • Interfaces with all common control networks

System components

HF data carriers (13.56 MHz)

HF read/write heads and antennas (13.56 MHz)

HF read/write heads (13.56 MHz) with integrated processor unit

Portable HF read/write units (13.56 MHz)

HF processor units (13.56 MHz)

HF communication modules (13.56 MHz)