White Papers

Balluff shares its sensor, networking, and RFID expertise in a series of application and industrial focused white papers. They are designed to help you improve your process, increase productivity, and gain a better understanding of the latest industrial automation trends and technologies.


IO-Link Helps Machine Builders Save Up To 50% Employing IO-Link to interface field device I/O, progressive machine builders are modernizing their controls architectures to support the IIoT and I4.0, while at the same time saving up to 50% over traditional control system designs.

Machine builder’s guide to improving turns on the floor Enhance your manufacturing efficiency through distributed modular controls architecture

“Bus off”... Can you continue to afford your DeviceNet downtime?

The manufacturer’s guide to flexible, easy, and fast integration of continuous improvement Enhance your existing controls infrastructure investment with IO-Link technologies

Distributed modular I/O for pneumatics and hydraulics Using IO-Link to expand control and improve monitoring

Distributed modular I/O technology guide Guide 5 reasons to switch to distributed modular I/O


Automated tool management programs Improving ROI through effective process improvement

Choosing RFID for industrial applications Three RFID systems: LF (Low Frequency), HF (High Frequency), and UHF (Ultra High Frequency)

What makes RFID systems industrial strength? Determining if equipment will survive in true industrial environments

Reducing planned/unplanned downtime with vision sensors Decreases changeover time

Sensors and RFID for advanced error proofing The unbeatable team for advanced error proofing

Traceability in manufacturing Gain instant visibility with RFID and barcode technology

Where vision meets sensors Find out how to eliminate packaging defects with machine vision


Improving the reliability of hydraulic cylinder position sensors This white paper discusses common industrial application challenges and propose potential solutions that can enhance sensor reliability and extend life expectancy.

Motion control primer Direct load position sensing with secondary feedback encoders.

Analog distance measurement photoelectric sensors Learn about distance measurement sensing technologies -triangulation and time-of-flight.


Increasing sensor life and production productivity Sensor solutions for impact, heat, and slag rich environments

Inductive proximity sensors for special applications Special applications and available sensor solutions

Medical Liquid-level applications with enhanced capacitive sensor technology Accurate, automatic point level detection

Protecting the die and press Learn how to initiate a sensor-driven error proofing program

Protecting sensors in weld cells The fastest way to dramatically increase weld cell productivity

Reducing packaging planned downtime Find out how to reduce planned downtime through effective sensor application

Sensor technologies to detect pneumatic cylinder position Detecting extension or retraction of a pneumatic cylinder

The self-contained thru-beam sensor Perfect for hundreds of part positioning, orientation, and error proofing applications

Using sensors to make grippers more productive Find out how sensor-equipped grippers enhance quality and productivity of automated assembly processes