Engineering and Integration
Engineering and Integration

Systems and Services. Balluff has the solution at your fingertips:

Specialized consultancy:

We have the knowledge and experience to optimize your DeviceNet or Profibus networks, diagnosing their status, proposing and executing the necessary improvements, as well as designing an annualized program of activities from which the results can be observed from the first working session.

The advantages

  • Receive support from network experts, allowing you to find or identify errors or areas of opportunity to take advantage of the networks that have already been installed.
  • Quick network troubleshooting


1. Reporte de revisión física y funcional de la red.
2. Informe de hallazgos y mejoras realizadas.


1. Physical and functional review of the network report.
2. Findings and improvements made report.


Network and Auxiliary DeviceNet Network Power Supply cables change in 2 production lines.