Industrial Ethernet networks and IO-Link


Are your installation, setup, or decommissioning times high? Is the number of connections and sensor/actuator cables so high that it makes problem-solving or repairs difficult and time-consuming? Are diagnostic processes complicated or simply not possible in the event of an unplanned shutdown?

To solve all these problems Balluff invites you to increase your knowledge and develop your skills to apply a solution from the course:

Fundamentals of the Industrial Ethernet network and its connection to IO-Link

At the end of the course, the participant will be able to:

  • Understand the basic concepts of fieldbus networks.
  • Understand the fundamentals and concepts of an industrial Ethernet network.
  • Know the procedure for addressing the Balluff Ethernet/IP modules for the connection of input and output signals.
  • You will understand the operation of an Ethernet/IP network and perform connection exercises with Balluff modules for the connection of input and output signals.
  • Differentiate an Ethernet/IP network from other industrial networks, as well as the typical applications of this network within the control hierarchy.
  • Understand and perform the connection, configuration, commissioning, monitoring, detection and diagnostics of Balluff modules connected to the Ethernet/IP network.
  • To know and apply the best practices in the handling, installation and connection of an Ethernet/IP network.
  • Place and Date: Guadalajara, Jal., July 9-11, 2019.

    Cost: $ 800.00 USD plus VAT per person.

    The investment amount includes materials (notebook, pen, USB memory with course information, Participant's Manual), continuous coffee service and mid-day meal, and a Certificate of participation.

    Capacity limited to 8 people.