rfid partnership center software integrators
rfid partnership center software integrators

Class testimonials

You will love them because classes are about:

Improving your skills

Balluff's training focuses on what you will be able to do when you leave the Course. Unlike many training sessions that focus on facts and theories alone, we focus on performance and skill development. Each learning goal is measured with practical exercises, in an industrial application environment.

Practical learning

Tired of PowerPoint presentations? So are we! We use them only to point out the most important things. We have real hardware that connects, configures, optimizes and solves problems. We do not move on to the next skill until you've proven yourself ready.

What people say about our classes:

"I found the course excellent in all aspects, it is very educational and interactive, it is very interesting and innovative, they provide you with a large number of tools and above all the instructors are the best there can be, professional and competent people, I highly recommend it and I thank you for your time and your support."

Sandra Escoto - Campus Industries Coordinator, Tangamanga University

"The course seemed very interesting because it did not focus on knowing the software tools alone, they showed us different techniques to attack and solve automation problems using the PLC. How to make command combinations with the installation of pneumatic systems was the best. I mean, we got to see how some solutions may not work even if the system shows everything is OK. Well we can observe that no something will work, although OK appears in the program."

Enrique Bernal Martínez - Bocar Group


"I know have solid knowledge about tool integration to make my programs easier on their reading and on their elaboration."

Raquel Sánchez - Calvek


"A very didactic and interesting course. It allowed us to follow the methodology, solve all the problems that were presented and it gave us a broader perspective on project development and what it means to give the customer a wider scope and a higher added value on each project that is presented and resolved."

Miguel Ángel de la Rosa Hernández - DC Systems


"I am glad I took this class. I feel I am more able to apply all this knowledge to select the right sensor and look forward for new technologies for future projects."

Ulices Gama - Buhrke-Olsen


"I highly recommend the course to everyone who are interested in developing Industrial machinery programming techniques. You will learn about program Development and you will solve real issues you come across with in industrial plants."

Francisco Javier Rodríguez Agundis - Calvek Automation