Identifying raw material

With BVS HS-P handheld code readers and BNI RS232 converters

Identify raw materials for the rubber mixture with 100% accuracy before they are added to the mixer. Our user-friendly handheld code readers handle this quality check with the utmost reliability. These portable, ergonomically designed readers help you to execute the first-in-first-out principle, remain true to the recipe and ensure all relevant quality criteria. Light in weight, they can read all common 2D, 1D and stacked barcodes.

Our RS232 converters also let you connect any RS232 device to an IO-Link terminal for enjoying all the benefits of IO-Link.


  • Reliable read confirmation with acoustic signal and LED indicator
  • Intuitive aiming system using a highly visible laser marking frame
  • Charge once – up to 30,000 read cycles using lithium ion rechargeable battery
Identifying raw material
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