Systems from Balluff
Systems from Balluff

Mold-ID – automatic data acquisition

The autonomous Balluff Mold-ID system guarantees condition-based maintenance of the molds without time-consuming and error-prone mold logs.

All relevant data such as drawing numbers, number of shots, last maintenance or service life is automatically saved on the mold and can be retrieved at any time. Therefore, the optimum capacity utilization of the injection mold is guaranteed. You can retrofit all machines individually regardless of location or manufacturer.


Application example

  • Mold-ID

    Optimal utilization of molds

    With automatic documenting of the mold utilization via RFID you can reduce unplanned downtimes. A separate shot counter records all production cycles. All the data is available on a data carrier either directly on the mold or on the multi-coupling. In this way you can see the mold condition directly on the machine and always keep an eye on the life cycle of the current mold.


    • Immediate information about the mold condition
    • Mobile readout of the data using a smart phone or RFID handheld reader
    Optimal utilization of molds
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