IO-Link sensor/actuator hub with M8 connectivity

Kompakte E/A-Module mit Erweiterungs-Port
Kompakte E/A-Module mit Erweiterungs-Port

Compact I/O modules with expansion port

Reduce costs with Balluff IO-Link sensor/actuator hubs

Shielded cables and interface cards run up your fi eld installation costs. Help is here with IO-Link sensor/actuator hubs with M8 connectivity. These modules save you around 30 % in hardware costs compared with traditional fi eldbus devices. If you consider the additional savings from bus and power supply cables, the cost savings are as high as 40 %. This is because one economical M12 standard sensor cable is all you need for connecting to the IO-Link master. Another advantage of IO-Link hubs: you need only one bus address to variably collect sensor signals from up to 20 meters away. It's the greatest possible effi ciency!

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  • Input module for 16 inputs and confi gurable I/O module with 16 inputs/outputs
  • M8 connectivity
  • Compact, space-saving design
  • For harsh conditions: rugged metal IP67 housing
  • Expansion port for connecting an additional IO-Link hub
  • Easily visible status LEDs

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