Bulk cables
Bulk cables

Proven quality and the best suitability for industry

Balluff offers you bulk cables with the proven quality of our assembled lines. The bulk cables range includes different materials with different cross-sections.

Therefore, you are guaranteed to find the correct cable for your application with a robust and industrial grade solution. Moreover, with all of our cables, you benefit from increased flexibility due to the freely adaptable line length.

The most important benefits

  • Proven quality of our assembled lines
  • Various materials and cross-sections available
  • Robust and industrial grade
  • Line length freely adaptable

Product families

  • Bulk cables for individual requirements

    Maximum ruggedness at high temperatures

    With an especially wide product range of robust bulk cables, Balluff will meet your individual requirements. Our bulk cables are best suited for use in welding applications because they tolerate high temperatures, being resistant of up to 800 °C for brief periods. Even flying sparks and metal spatters cannot harm them. Our bulk cables can be used for a long time, because they are robust enought to withstand mechanical wear and impacts.


    • Especially wide product range
    • Perfectly suited for welding applications
    • Robust resistance to high temperatures (up to 800 °C for brief periods)
    • Protected against mechanical influences, flying sparks and metal spatters, mechanical wear, and impacts
    Bulk cables for individual requirements
  • Bulk cables for junction blocks

    Ideal for M12 junction blocks

    With Balluff you can choose from a wide product range of PUR bulk cables for junction blocks. These hybrid cables are suitable for M12 junction blocks.


    • PUR cables
    • Various wire strand count options
    • Suitable for M12 junction blocks
    • Wide range of products
    • Flexibly applicable
    Bulk cables for junction blocks
  • Cables for sensors

    Wide product range for the right connection

    At Balluff you can select from a wide product range of PUR and PVC cables. In particular for the American market, TPE lines are also available to you. All our sensor cables are available in 3-, 4- and 5-wire versions and are made of exceptionally high-quality materials.


    • 3-, 4- and 5-wire
    • PUR, PVC and TPE
    • High-quality materials
    • Wide range of products
    • Flexibly applicable
    Cables for sensors