Robust splitters for rapid, reliable connections

With our Y-splitters, you can collect, connect and split two signals in the field.

Our comprehensive program offers robust and industrial-grade Y-splitters with various designs. All splitters ensure a rapid and reliable connection.

The most important benefits

  • Connecting different lines
  • Comprehensive product range
  • Various designs
  • Reliable and rapid connection
  • High dust and water protection
  • Robust and industrial grade

Product families

  • Y-splitters for the food industry

    High quality Y-splitters – optimized for the food industry

    Our Y-splitters for the food industry easily meet the high demands for Food and Beverage. They have been thoroughly tested, optimized for the highest requirements and ideally matched to our sensors and systems used in the food industry.


    • Perfectly designed for use in Food and Beverage
    • Straight and angled connectors available
    • Various cable casing materials available
    • Protection rating IP69K
    • Stainless steel nuts
    • Ensured hygiene
  • Y-splitters for sensors

    Use rugged sensor splitters for connection and signal splitting

    For the secure connection of sensors, we offer you a comprehensive product range of Y-splitters. Our wide, flexibly applicable product portfolio includes Y-splitters for sensors with M8 and M12 connections that are suitable for 3, 4 and 5-wire and other cables. The shock-resistant an vibration-resistant splitters are made of high-quality materials and are equipped with bright LEDs. All Balluff Y-splitters conform to protection type IP67 (optionally IP68).


    • PUR, PVC and TPE lines available
    • Variants with and without LED's available
    • Right-angle or straight version available
    • With socket, plug
    • Resistant to shocks and vibration
    • High-quality materials
    • Bright LEDs
    • Protection type IP67, optional IP68
    • Wide range of products
    • Flexibly applicable
    Y-splitters for sensors
  • Y-splitters with valve connectors

    Quickly assembled and usable even under harsh conditions

    Balluff offers you a comprehensive product range of Y-splitters with valve connectors. They come in various designs and different protective circuits. The shock- and vibration-resistant Y-splitters from Balluff are available with DIN and industry standard. Using the central screw, they are able to be mounted quickly. We use exclusively high quality materials in their production.


    • Designs A, B and C
    • Different protective circuits
    • DIN and industry standard
    • Resistant to shocks and vibration
    • High-quality materials
    • Bright LEDs
    • Rapid assembly via central screw
    • Integrated sealing lip
    Y-splitters with valve connectors