Flexibly visualize production sequences

Flexibly visualize production sequences

The solution

If you want to flexibly visualize the production process directly on the production line, you can use our SmartLight: an LED stack light with a virtually unlimited performance range. The SmartLight displays trends and tendencies, so that you can continually monitor various stages. It can be set on-the-fly with no mechanical alterations. With such flexibility you optimize cycle times and know in advance whether bottlenecks or maintenance tasks are expected.

The features

  • Maximum flexibility: Colors and zones can be individually configured for number, size and color definition
  • No mechanical alterations: Mode changing (level, run light and stack light modes) on-the-fly
  • Simple connection and rapid installation with a 3-conductor sensor cable
  • Versatile: available in three sizes, also with acoustic signaling
Flexibly visualize production sequences
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