Digitizing the clamping process in the motor spindle
Digitizing the clamping process in the motor spindle

Monitoring tool clamping distance

Intelligent drive and clamping solutions where the sensors is integrated into the motor spindle are becoming increasingly common as an innovation driver on machine tools. The sensors needed for fast, smooth tool changes are available in ever smaller and more intelligent variations. These can be easily integrated into the clamping technology, regardless of whether it is activated electrically, hydraulically or pneumatically. With sensors and position measuring systems from Balluff you monitor the clamping and releasing process of the tools directly in the motor spindle.
Using the clever combination of pressure sensors or diverse redundant linear measurement systems based on different technologies, you can realize an enhanced safety level for the entire system.

Digitizing the motor spindle with IO-Link

Using the new IO-Link sensor and measuring systems you can easily incorporate the clamping technology for the motor spindle into the controller or digital network and digitize the motor spindle. This is accomplished using the open IO-Link standard, which enables fieldbus-neutral communication from the sensor/actuator level to the infrastructure of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).
The future-oriented IO-Link technology makes your motor spindle more intelligent and ready for digitizing and the IIoT.

Application examples

  • Monitor tool clamping position

    Monitor tool clamping position

    The solution

    Using three inductive sensors three conditions can be checked without non-contact and wear-free: unclamped, clamped without a tool, and clamped with a tool.
    Since the sensors are installed at a defined distance from each other, this type of clamping distance monitoring is especially useful for larger strokes.

    The features

    • Simple to integrate: small form factors
    • Highly reliable: extremely rugged, high protection rating
    Monitor tool clamping position
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