Coating and painting
Coating and painting

Perfection and precision in the paintshop

A perfect paint job is critical to the overall outer impression of a vehicle. At the same time it protects and holds the value of the vehicle. This is why strict demands are placed on quality and reliability in the paintshop. Balluff offers a variety of solutions for ensuring that paintshop processes run smoothly at the highest quality level.

Conveying: Ensure traceability

Conveying takes on a central task in the paintshop. The bodyshells are carried through the paint process on transport skids, which requires uninterrupted movement.

Application examples in conveying technology

  • Position skids correctly

    Our inductive sensors ensure that the paint skids are positioned precisely. They feature generous switching distances and with their rotatable connector and transformable active surface they are simple and flexible to install.

    Position skids correctly

  • Track skids reliably

    An RFID system identifies the bodyshells before painting so that they are sure to get the right color. At the same time RFID ensures that the production process can be fully documented since the data carriers accompany the paint skids through the entire process. These rugged data carriers resist chemicals, paints, and temperatures up to 200 °C during the drying process.

    Track skids reliably

Paint and drying processes: Ensuring process quality

To ensure the required quality of the paint layers, the process needs to be optimized not only when paint is applied, but also during the dips and in the drying and curing phases. Our rugged sensors let you accomplish these tasks with ease, since they are designed for high repeat accuracy and measurement value stability.

Application examples for paint and drying processes

  • Monitor the fresh water supply

    Purified water is needed for various rinse zones. Our thermal flow controllers measure and monitor the continuous flow of water. LED lines or displays visualize the flow amount. You can detect leaks or even a pump failure early and prevent an unplanned system stop. This is how flow controllers contribute to process security.

    Monitor the fresh water supply

  • Reliable level detection

    In cathodic electrocoating, the levels of highly conductive media need to be reliably detected. This is no problem for our capacitive level sensors. Their spherical electrical field effectively compensates for deposits on the sensing surface of the sensor. This makes reliable level detection possible.

    Reliable level detection

  • Detect end positions of the high-speed doors

    Our transponder coded safety sensors ensure that the high-speed doors on the paint booth are completely closed for painting by detecting the end position of the doors without making contact. To prevent the safety function from being defeated, high level coded versions can be used. Wiring is simple using standardized M12 plug connections.

    Detect end positions of the high-speed doors

  • Start the painting process

    The speed and efficiency of robots has made them an indispensable component of the paint process. Our photoelectric distance sensors give the painting robot the start signal to begin the process. Thanks to the sensor's generous range, high distances are not a factor. Since they operate on a non-contacting principle, are wear-free and features a high protection class, they are suitable for even the harshest paint booth environments.

    Start the painting process

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