Balluff is member of the ARENA2036 innovation platform

Cooperation for the future of the automobile

Sensor and automation specialist Balluff joins the partner constellation „ARENA2036“ of research facilities and companies of the Stuttgart region. The mission of this partnership is to advance a sustainable and future-oriented automotive development.

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The name of the initiative clearly reflects the goal: anticipating the year 2036, the 150th anniversary of the automobile, this means of transportation should be as innovative and sustainable as it was at the time of its invention. To support this goal Balluff became a member last November of the ARENA2036 research initiative (Active Research Environment for the Next Generation of Automobiles). The project initiators envision a future-oriented automobile created using highly modern production processes. The key is a vehicle which is light and with functional integration – redefining the borders of lightweight design based on multifunctionality and new materials. A new kind of research environment – the largest research platform for mobility in Germany – bundles the expertise of researchers and leading commercial enterprises in the Stuttgart region. At this research campus they are working intensively on solutions for the mobility of tomorrow. Balluff with its expertise in the area of sensor technology and automation provides key assistance to the work at the research campus. "Generating, transporting and processing data is our domain," says Balluff Managing Director Florian Hermle. "These skills are especially helpful in further developing production processes and simulating prototypes. In this way we are making an important contribution to advancing the research work."

Sensor expert as a valuable new member

Balluff in der Automobilindustrie

Balluff sees the automobile industry as a drive force due to their inherent need for industrial automation.

The success of intelligent, digitalized and automated production depends greatly on how data is handled. Only by possessing detailed information about the entire process are you able to map and digitally control it. Sensors are reliable data sources, making them indispensable in production. As an expert in this field Balluff is a welcome new member of the initiative. Hermle explains the company's motivation: "As pacesetters for Industry 4.0 our solutions help our customers to continually improve their plants and production processes. This continual progress is not possible without the corresponding research work. This is why we are becoming involved in ARENA2036 with our knowledge and employees." The Neuhausen-based company will participate in research projects within the program and send employees to the research campus. The sensor and automation specialist would also like to carry out early testing here of new developments.

Look into the state of research in February

From February 22-23, 2018 ARENA2036 will offer a special event at which the current state of research as well as the research results from previous years will be presented. The emphasis will be on the connections between the individual research topics and the vision of the initiative.

About Balluff

Founded in Neuhausen auf den Fildern in 1921, Balluff now has 3.600 employees and stands for innovative technology, quality and cross-industry experience in industrial automation. As a leading sensor and automation specialist, this 4th generation family company offers a comprehensive portfolio of innovative sensor, identification and network solutions as well as software for integrated system solutions.

In 2016, the Balluff Group reported a turnover of around 378 million euros. In addition to the company headquarters in Neuhausen auf den Fildern, Balluff has distribution, production and development sites all around the globe, and is represented by 37 subsidiaries and further branches in 68 countries. This guarantees excellent worldwide product availability for our customers, as well as high-quality consulting and service directly on site.

With its expertise in the area of sensor technology and automation, provides Balluff key assistance to the work at the research initiative.