Mechanical protection
Mechanical protection

Mechanical protection for sensors and devices

Robust and reliable: Our protective caps, protective housing, protective covers, protective hoses and sabotage protection prevent any mechanical damage to the sensor or a device.

Select from different versions – even for sophisticated applications.

The most important benefits

  • High-quality and long service life
  • Easy assembly
  • Compatibility

Product families

  • Plunger probe solutions

    Robust assembly for maximum application flexibility

    Our plunger probe solutions have a fixed stop and a sturdy design for harsh environments. They are ideally suited for welding devices and punch applications as well as for applications with monitored tool ejection. The complete set consists of sensor, housing and springs. Moreover, you can choose between different ram types, such as round, flat, chiseled and M6 threads, as well as three spring tensions (low, medium, high). In each case, the two-part housing simplifies the maintenance.


    • Reliable and long service life, even in dirty environments
    • Sensor is easily replaced for cleaning and maintenance
    • Precise switching point
    • Variety of sizes and shapes for versatility
    • Accessories available for the threaded version: Flat attachment, M4, M6, M8, M10
    Plunger probe solutions
  • Sabotage protection

    Security against undesirable production losses

    Our protective covers, which are compact as well as sturdy, provide reliable protection against misadjustment and sabotage. Specifically designed for Balluff products and solutions, they simplify installation and mounting for you on M8/M12 plug connectors, fieldbus blocks and vision sensors. In addition, these are available indifferent versions. This is due to sabotage protection being made of high-quality plastic as well as aluminum.


    • Standard industry solutions for protection against misadjustment and sabotage
    • Easy and economical to integrate into any system
    • Made of high quality materials and customized
    Sabotage protection
  • Protective housing

    An item that is secure all the way around

    Whoever uses Balluff sensors and devices in a very harsh environment should not fail to use our protective housing, which is resistant to high temperatures, chemicals and mechanical influences and is even usable in the welding area. They are made of high-quality materials, offer durable surfaces and a protective glass with qualified optical properties. Assembly is really easy. And if you ever need a replacement part, we can supply it fast.


    • sturdy, thanks to quality materials, durable surfaces and geometry
    • Can be integrated economically and reliably in any system
    • Resistant to high temperatures, chemicals and mechanical influences
    Protective housing
    Protective housing

  • Protective caps and port covers

    Reliably handles high temperatures and chemicals

    Our easily installable protective caps and port covers ensure reliable protection in harsh environments. They are available for a wide variety of Balluff products, amongst other M8 to M30 sensors. They are available in metal and plastic versions – also with PTFE coating – and are distinguished by high resistance to temperature and chemicals. Some of them are even used for applications in the welding field and in the food industry.


    • Robust materials and construction, protection class up to IP69K
    • Can be integrated economically and compactly into any system
    • Metal and plastic versions, also with PTFE coating
    Protective caps and port covers
  • Protective tubes for cables

    Customizable cable guard

    Our flexible and robust silicone cable guard protects the cable primarily in the welding area. It is distinguished by chemical resistance and handles temperatures of up to 250 °C. Different versions, such as protective tubing, protective casing and protective tape, as well as different diameters from 7 to 50 mm are available.


    • Long-lasting and economical
    • Easy to install
    • Different diameters
    • Customizable
    Protective tubes for cables