Detecting magnets for piston position monitoring with sensors

Do you need to monitor the piston position of your cylinder or gripper? To find the right solution for your needs, please ask yourself the following questions: What type of slot does the cylinder use? How much space do you have available for installation? What ambient conditions do you need to account for (elevated temperatures, moisture, oil, dirt, etc.)? By doing this you are able to select the right technology.

Application examples

A magnetic field sensor integrated into the slot detects the opening condition (open/closed) of a gripper or the position of a pneumatic ejector. This allows you to ensure that blister packs are exactly positioned in boxes or that improperly packaged matches are sorted out. Magnetic field sensors feature a compact form factor and ease of installation.

Sensor technologies

The magnetic field sensor detects the magnetic field strength of a permanent magnet. This also works through non-magnetic walls, such as through an aluminum cylinder. If the threshold value (magnetic field strength) is exceeded, the sensor generates a switching signal.

The miniaturized electronics allow you to install the sensors directly into the C-slot (3.8 mm). Form factors for other slot types, e.g. T-slot, and for other attachment options are also available.

Suitable Products

Magnetic field sensor for the C-slot

Magnetic field sensors for the C-slot for detecting the piston position on pneumatic cylinders

Magnetic field sensor for the T-slot

Magnetic field sensor for the T-slot for detecting the piston position on pneumatic cylinders