Statement availability and supply capability (Date: June 08, 2021)



Dear customer, We have taken numerous measures to protect the employees of our organization. In order to minimize contact opportunities, mobile work has been established where possible. Our employees in production and logistics work under a comprehensive hygiene and testing concept.


Should production restrictions occur at Balluff due to the coronavirus and should this result in delayed delivery, Balluff will assess the outbreak of the disease, which is classified by the WHO as an international health emergency, as a case of force majeure or as an unforeseeable, unavoidable and extraordinary event beyond our control which seriously changes the circumstances after conclusion of the contract which have become the basis of the contract.

Even if our field service in some countries is still unable to conduct in person customer visits, we provide you with the best possible support by telephone, e-mail and video conference. The internal sales office can also be contacted as you would normally and will advise you on offers and technical inquiries. Furthermore, our web shop is available to you around the clock.

We hope that you remain well and above all healthy. We are already looking forward to seeing you again in person!