For perfect integration in grippers and slides

With BMF magnetic field sensors with IO-Link

Especially on grippers, where space is extremely valuable, you can use our intelligent magnetic field sensor to define and check up to eight switching points within the sensor's working range. And this digital solution lets you set the hysteresis individually for each switching point.

As a result, up to eight different object sizes can be detected in one gripper, thus making the use of several conventional sensors superfluous. This means significantly more comfort for you as well as greater flexibility and cost savings.


  • Extremely large, 60 mm travel path
  • Sensor head length 20 mm, with remote electronics – ideal for compact applications
  • Remote teaching of up to eight switchpoints via IO-Link
  • IO-Link PNP NO
  • M12 and M8 sensor with cable and plug, M8 sensor with 2 m cable available
  • Temperature range –25...+80°C
For perfect integration in grippers and slides
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