BIS U-890 UHF handheld reader

High functionality and top performance
High functionality and top performance

Ideal for mobile identification tasks in UHF applications

The UHF handheld reader BIS U-890 is an ideal tool for advanced data collection. It offers great flexibility for RFID in close range or long-range applications. The reader is equipped with a powerful ARM processor. Together with Microsoft Windows Embedded Compact 7, it was designed specifically for fast, reliable reading of UHF tags.

The integrated UHF module with 1 W output power and the adaptive crossdipole antenna enable detection of large populations of UHF tags in an extremely short time.

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The factory installed RFID software ensures top performance and provides additional flexibility. It is simple to operate and offers comprehensive functions for any acquisition and detection requirement.

The UHF Handheld BIS U-890 is certified for use in Europe, USA, Canada and China.


  • Fast data acquisition and processing with a GHz ARM processor
  • Generous read range: > 4 m
  • High-performance multi-tagging: > 200 tags/sec
  • Adaptive UHF antenna for optimal tag acquisition
  • Versatile RFID software already installed

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