Magnetic Encoder with Drive-Cliq Interface

Magnetic Encoder with Drive-Cliq Interface
Magnetic Encoder with Drive-Cliq Interface

For universal use – connects directly and simply to the drive system

The BML SGA absolute magnetic encoder stands out in applications where absolute accuracy of position and end-of-travel is required. And since leaving and returning to the detection range of the magnetic tape is permitted, it provides a simple and economical solution for demanding applications in the fields of automation and machine tool building. The system is also simple to retrofit.

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With its Drive-Cliq interface, the system can be perfectly integrated into Siemens controller environments. Siemens has certified the system accordingly. Plug-and-play installation makes incorporating it into the drive system easy. The controller automatically detects the sensor and its basic settings.

The system continuously checks the measurement quality, so that any mechanical position shift during operation is directly detected. Its automatic status monitoring detects signal quality. The function reserve can be evaluated in the controller.


  • Reliable: non-contact and wear-free measuring principle
  • Universal: measuring lengths up to 48 m, high system accuracy to ±12 μm
  • Time-saving: high read distance up to 1.3 mm makes installation easier
  • Convenient: Status LED and diagnostics functions for reliable operation and quicker maintenance
  • Easy to integrate: space-saving, compact form factor

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