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Balluff company profile

Innovating automation. With high standards and personal commitment.

Everyday, Balluff products are increasing production throughput and product quality in hundreds of industries all over the world, improving manufacturing processes. We are one of the world’s leading sensor manufacturers, providing innovative and practical sensing solutions for a wide range of applications and industries. We offer rugged and reliable products and support, along with unique capabilities that will make an impact on your bottom line as well as your production line.

We are Global

Balluff is a medium-sized company – family-run for four generations, headquartered near Stuttgart, Germany and developed into a leading global player with over 95 years of experience. With a presence in Europe, Asia, North and South America and many other important markets, Balluff now has over 60 locations and 9 production sites, providing global support for our customers in all areas of automation.

We are Local

Balluff's North American headquarters has been located in Florence, Kentucky since 1983. Balluff Inc.'s Florence campus includes a new state-of-the-art Customer Support Center and Supply Chain Management building. The Florence location specializes in the production and market-leading delivery of linear position sensors. In addition, it is the North American distribution and warehouse center for Balluff. Over 180 employees and a premier distribution network allows us to support our customers in every area of the country.

> Corporate overview - A Passion for Automation [PDF]

When it comes to quality at Balluff, we hold ourselves to a higher standard. Our products are tested in our own accredited lab and our quality management system is certified according to the latest ISO 9001:2015 standard.

We develop solutions for our customers with our customers. Because we know that if our customers are successfully equipped for the future, then so are we.

The company by the numbers

Founding year 1921
Balluff Group 2016 revenue 378 million. EUR
Number of employees worldwide     3,600
Production locations worldwide 9
Sales/agent offices worldwide 68
Subsidiaries 37

Our strategic position: Clear and focused on the customer.


At Balluff, quality stays in the family: The company is a fourth generation family-run business.

  • Katrin Stegmaier-Hermle, Managing Director for Administration and Finances
  • Florian Hermle, Managing Director for Sales and Marketing
  • Michael Unger Managing Director for Technology, Chairman of the Board

Business Units

At Balluff, the powers and responsibilities are clearly divided in order to keep time-to-decision and time-to-market as short as possible.

At Balluff, our products and solutions have their own responsible business units. These business units have worldwide responsibility for their respective product portfolios. This allows us to significantly shorten time-to-decision and time-to-market for our customers. Through intensive collaboration between product management and sales and marketing in cross-functional teams, we are closely linked to the market.


Global networks for optimal customer support

With a highly-interconnected worldwide presence, we strive to provide our customers a high degree of flexibility and best-in-class delivery times.

Our worldwide network with 68 sales/agent offices, nine production/development locations/competence centers, makes our best-in-class delivery times, high delivery reliability, clear material flows and clear responsibilities possible, all with consistently higher quality.

In addition, using our actual on-site presence, we can respond to regional market requirements and thus fulfill the needs of our customers and markets effectively and efficiently.