Control machine access

Read data through stainless steel walls

The solution

TIn several production facilities it is important to track and validate machine access to ensure product safety as well as to authenticate machine/line changes. For longest time password based protection is in use. Often the challenges with that approach is lost passwords, change of personnels or even the password leaks. Balluff's industrial RFID based solutions with IO-Link simplifies machine access using RFID tags that can be coded with different authentication levels such as operator, maintenance, supervisor or even with individual names. Utilizing IO-Link allows gathering the access information through unified controls architecture instead of utilizing separate authentication controllers and interfaces.

With Balluff's special RFID system BIS L the tag reader can be inside of stainless steel cabinet still performing at its prime.

The benefits

  • Secure and traceable authentication process
  • Ease of use for access control applications
Read data through stainless steel walls
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