Ease of process visualization

Simplify process visualization with SmartLights

The solution

Typically, stack lights are used for machine state monitoring. These stack lights are limited in function and requires complex wiring and complex programming to integrate in the controls system. Balluff's innovative solution with multifunction LED tower lights -- SmartLights, process visualization is streamlined with ease of programming. The IO-Link enabled SmartLights can be utilized not only for machine state monitoring but also for various other applications from operation state monitoring, fill level alerts, maintenance management, hazard communication and lot more. Balluff SmartLights can be used in multiple modes of operations such as segment mode for stacklight function, level mode for operator feedback on the progress of the operation or critical process parameters such as fill/temperature indication, or even as run-light mode to alert maintenance of the specific situation based on the background and the foreground colors. Colors, intensity and mode of operations is all programmable in your choice of the controls architecture.

The features

  • High flexibility for process visualization
  • Reduced complexity than the typical stack lights by eliminating complex wiring or inventory management
  • Promotes efficient operations throughout the plant
Displaying machine states with color signals
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