System environment for industrial image processing
System environment for industrial image processing

Networking and control of Balluff Vision Solutions

The SmartCamera from Balluff is simple to integrate into any system environment using an interoperable interface. You also remain flexible in choosing the camera version.

SmartCamera interfaces

The SmartCamera comes with multiple interfaces for flexibility in linking to the system environment. You can configure and assign individual signals as required. Results data can also be variously defined and formatted. The smart camera passes this data to the host control system. Object data such as serial numbers is also included in the inspection sequence. To minimize data load and secure the process, the camera can be configured so that the only information carried by the process network is what the controller needs. All other data is sent on a separate network.

The interfaces at a glance

  • Gigabit Ethernet (LAN)
  • User-configurable digital inputs and outputs
  • UDP or TCP control (over Gigabit Ethernet)
  • Fieldbus
  • IO-Link master

Results communication via fieldbus or IO-Link

The SmartCamera is available with various industry-established interfaces. These can be fieldbus variants and IO-Link. Each version can pass the data directly to the controller for generating individual inspection reports. Intelligent analysis algorithms prepare the collected information in the format you assign. You can also load your own image files onto the cameras, for example from a smart phone.

All of this means you profit from a variety of fast inspection procedures for industrial image processing. The flexibility of the Balluff vision solutions results in the maximum value creation from the information you have collected.

The versions at a glance

IO version:

  • TCP/IP/LAN connection (Gigabit Ethernet)
  • Up to eight freely programmable, potential-isolated inputs/outputs
  • Lights can be directly controlled

Fieldbus versions:

  • TCP/IP/LAN connection (Gigabit Ethernet)
  • Profinet or Ethernet/IP process interface
  • For easy networking with IO-Link components: IO-Link Master 1.1
  • Up to eight freely programmable inputs/outputs
  • Minimizes load on the process network: Optional separation of process data and reports with images
  • Lights can be directly controlled