BVS Cockpit Image Processing Software
BVS Cockpit Image Processing Software

BVS Cockpit - no expertise required

The image processing know-how from Balluff doesn't end with the hardware. The BVS Cockpit image processing software is part of the camera, too. With BVS Cockpit, our SmartCameras and Industrial Cameras are made easy to set up and operate. To sum up: We offer a holistic, extremely user-friendly and all-round reliable image processing system for any situation in your production.

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Easy access, intuitive user interface

To access the BVS Cockpit software interface, you don't have to take a seat in the next aircraft. All you need is a web browser such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer or Edge.

Use the serial number and http꞉//SC-serialnumber or http꞉//SVC-serialnumber to access the user interface of the image processing software. There you will find all the functions to set up and operate the cameras. The available modes -Monitoring, Configuration and Statistics - are clearly shown.

Intelligent analysis tools and inspection programs

Adapting our cameras to your needs is simple, since the BVS Cockpit only shows you the parameters relevant to a particular tool. And selecting the hardware and software makes the functional scope easy to scale.

Individual tools are combined into an inspection program. A program includes the camera settings, image processing tools and definition of the results data. The current inspection program is displayed on the monitor. The SmartCamera can store up to 100 inspection programs which you can select individually, either directly or through the controller.

Both the SmartCamera and the Industrial Camera offer you easy-to use-tools based on industry-proven HALCON algorithms: using lens filters; setting the edge sharpness and brightness; reading codes and text to finding; and checking and measuring an object. The results can be passed dynamically to the appropriate interface for your industrial system. You can automatically create a results report in XML format after each inspection and save the associated images to an FTP server.