Product Identification with RFID
Product Identification with RFID

Reliably track parts with Industrial RFID

In addition to tool identification, Industrial RFID systems from Balluff also offer significant advantages automation of the entire manufacturing process.

Parts can easily be tracked in the machining process or assembly process. This is because every process or assembly step is saved on the tag also called a data carrier. This way, maximum process reliability and quality can be guaranteed through traceability.

In addition, one can precisely monitor work steps that directly precede or follow the production process and use them for optimized resource management. Industrial RFID from Balluff creates visibility and reduces overall costs.

Achieve unbroken documentation with these products

  • 90° angled data carriers

    Data carrier for large assembly systems with many shunt points

    The data of this data carrier is available on two sides offset by 90°. As a result, workpiece carriers no longer have to be rotated for reading and writing.


    • Data on two sides offset by 90°
    • For large assembly systems with many shunt points
    • Save time
    Data carrier for large assembly systems

  • Databolts

    Databolts for parts tracking in harsh environments

    With their rugged design, databolts from Balluff enable parts tracking in production processes where coolants or chips are present in significant quantities. They can also be used in washing facilities and vacuum dryers.


    • Ideal for harsh environments
    • Assured parts tracking in manufacturing process with harsh conditions

    Databolts for tracking in harsh environments

  • Product Identification with Industrial RFID

    High-performance, in the toughest conditions

    The industrial-grade BIS M read/write head from Balluff ensures 100% quality and consistent error prevention, even when mounted on metal. It delivers consistent high performance in any environment and regardless of the substrate material. The small form factor handles large quantities of data with ease.


    • Quality and consistent error prevention
    • Reliable in any environment, regardless of the substrate material
    • Compact design
    • Long range
    • Unlimited read/write cycles
    The industrial-grade BIS M read/write head in all environments, even on metal

  • Pallet identification solutions

    Pallet identification in any environment

    The large variety of models in Balluff's Industrial RFID system means you can find a pallet identification solution for any environment.

    The systems make considerable contributions to the improvement of automation, the avoidance of disruptions and process-oriented quality assurance.


    • Reliable pallet identification
    • Improved automation
    • Process-oriented quality assurance
    • Avoidance of disruptions
    Reliable pallet identification in any environment