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Position sensing for hazardous locations

The Oil & Gas industry pursues and extracts energy resources across the globe, whether on land or offshore, operating in all extremes of climate and weather. Increasing demand for remote operation and energy efficiency, not to mention productivity through reduced need for maintenance and human intervention, are driving an increase in the deployment of automation into these often-hostile environments.

With highly robust, accurate, and low-maintenance sensors, Balluff brings its automation expertise from the factory floor to the oil and gas field. Balluff's global presence and special expertise in explosion-proof linear position sensors means that accurate hydraulic cylinder position feedback signals are available, certified for use in hazardous locations all around the world.

Application examples

Valve position feedback for hazardous locations
Controlling hydraulic artificial lifts
Erect and align hydraulic artificial lifts
Rapid positioning of drill strings
More efficiency in making up or breaking down pipe
Precise drill position