Coke oven machines

Automation solutions for charging, pushing, transporting, and quenching

A coke oven plant is a beehive of activity, transporting and moving materials in and out of the coke oven battery on a continuous basis.

Reliable, automated motion using hydraulics is made possible by Balluff's robust magnetostrictive linear position sensors for cylinder position feedback. Rated to 100 °C, Balluff linear position sensors are built to withstand the high temperatures found around coke ovens and transport cars.

Hazardous location cylinder position sensors are agency-certified for use where combustible gases and dusts may be present. For tracking the relative positions of larry cars, pusher cars, and transfer cars at the coke oven battery, we offer our Industrial RFID. It boasts a large read/write distance, fast data transmission, high data integrity, and operates without line-of-sight contact.

Application examples

Discrete position detection for coke oven machinery
Combustion gas valve regulation
Reliable motion control at the coke oven battery
Tracking pusher car locations