Balluff All-in-One RFID Read/Write System for Ethernet/IP

Processor, antenna, and switch in one compact housing

Balluff is pleased to announce the expansion of the all-in-one RFID read/write family to include Ethernet/IP communication. The rugged, space-saving housing is designed to eliminate messy cable runs back to the control cabinet and simplify RFID traceability applications in manufacturing processes. This system can operate with a direct connection to the PLC or multiple heads can be daisy chained with only one Ethernet connection running back to the PLC.

"One of the great values for our customers is that this simplifies the network architecture" says Wolfgang Kratzenberg, Product Marketing Manager for Industrial Identification, "Expanding the application through simple daisy chaining is not only efficient, but makes maintenance and installation easier than ever."

Designed to withstand the rigors of a harsh manufacturing environment, the all-in-one RFID read/write system boasts an IP67 rated metal housing and highly visible LEDs. Standard M12 connectors and cables are used for power and Ethernet connections. In addition, it is capable of reading and writing large amounts of tag data at industry leading speeds, including tags which are mounted directly on metal.

Ultimately, the system is a highly scalable solution for increasing visibility on the production line. Traditionally used for palletized assembly or work-in-process applications, all-in-one RFID read/write systems enable Industry 4.0 through flexible manufacturing, efficient production, and providing unprecedented traceability in the process, with visibility at all levels of the organization. This simplified architecture eliminates unnecessary equipment expenses leading to a quicker return on investment.